Recommended from November to December


Each building is equipped with “Barrel Sauna” and Natural Hot Spring


During the cold winter season, the sauna and natural hot spring will keep your body and mind warm.
After exhausting your body waste in the sauna, take a relaxing soak in the natural hot spring water.
You can enjoy an active outdoor experience and elegant healing time in this beautiful and extraordinary space surrounded by the great outdoors.

≪Barrel Sauna≫



≪Hot spring bath≫



Winter only: “Kotatsu” and “Sukiyaki”


Glamping B&V Nasu Kogen offers a “Sukiyaki Course” as a winter-only menu from November to February.
Nasu beef, known for its rich flavor and tenderness, is lavishly used. We hope you will enjoy it.
To make the cold season even more enjoyable, we have prepared “Kotatsu”, which are also available only during the winter season.
Please enjoy sukiyaki while warming yourself at the cozy “Kotatsu”.





≪Sukiyaki of Nasu beef≫



We hope you will enjoy this seasonal luxury.

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