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3 types of original craft experiences


Create memories with your family and friends! Why don’t you make your one and only original work of art in the world?
It will surely be a wonderful souvenir.

Original photo frame craft to put in the commemorative photo of your stay

…After you finish making your craft, we will offer a photo shooting service…

Color candle crafts perfect for Instagram
Crafting cute original lights in the shape of tents

…It can also be used to create a nighttime production that makes you feel more outdoorsy!


<<Craft experience>>



A magical moment in the garden of light

A playground by day. At night, it is transformed into an illuminated spot!
Enjoy chatting with family and friends in a fantastic space.
Please enjoy your time with a drink from the bar tent.



<<Garden of Light>>


We hope you will enjoy a luxurious moment that can only be experienced during this time of the year.


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