Recommendations from May/June


Introducing free food activities unique to glamping B&V Nasu Kogen!


We will introduce you to free food activities that are perfect for this hot summer season.
We recommend these activities for those who are hungry before dinner, or for those who want to relax after dinner.


≪Smoking experience is a very popular activity at the camp≫


Sausage, nuts and potato chips smoked with fruity apple chips.
Perfect for snacks and nibbles.
Create your own favorite smoked products by adjusting the smoking time and other details!


≪Freshly popped hot popcorn!≫


Popcorn is popular among children and adults.
The sound of popping corn is exciting, and the freshly popped popcorn is hot and tasty!
It is surprisingly healthy and sure to satisfy both adults and children.


≪A scoop of ice cream is a special treat after a hard day’s work! Ice cream making experience≫


Experience handmade ice cream using milk from Tochigi Prefecture, where Glamping B&V Nasu Highlands is located.
The process is simple: just put milk, sugar, and salt into a bag and shake it with ice!
After shaking it hard until the ice cream is ready, a scoop is a special treat.

We hope you will have a delicious and enjoyable time during this season.

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