Recommended from November to February


It’s more exciting in the cold season!
How to enjoy glamping B&V Nasu Kogen


Spring seems to be just around the corner, and February is still a cold month.

For those who think that glamping will only be available when the weather gets a little warmer, here are some ways to enjoy glamping at B&V Nasu Kogen that are even more appealing in the cold season.



Comfortable warmth Fireside experience


We have beautiful Navajo-patterned fire pits on the wooden decks of all our rooms.

The bonfire experience is available all year round at Glamping B&V Nasu Kogen, The warmth of the fire, the quietness of the scene, and the sound of the wood crackling and splintering are most appealing during the cold season.



≪Bonfire experience≫



Enjoy inside the dome tent


At Glamping B&V Nasu Kogen, after enjoying the sauna and natural hot spring baths, we want you to be able to spend time in your room without being bored, We have a large screen projector and board games available for rent.

In this age when each of us can watch our favorite videos and find enjoyment in them, we dare to enjoy watching something together or playing an analog game.

By doing so, we believe that you will feel that the time you spend together is irreplaceable.


≪Board games≫

We hope you will enjoy this seasonal luxury.

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